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Some items are not meant for the web, but for print. Here is an example of a local restaurant that needed a Valentine campaign done for their their business for the 2010 Valentine season. This included large posters, mini posters, menues, flyers, and small graphics for seating cards.

All of these items are full color, full bleed and custom sized ready to go to press at our local printers.

(The images below have been resized for the web click for enlargements)
Original Logo
  Valentine Logo

We worked with the original logo to develop materials that were
unique to the holiday and to their already established look.
The original logo (above left) was not designed by Raven Muse.

Postcard Menu

Poster1  Poster2  Poster3

The customer was given three choices on posters before
finally reaching one that they liked.

Raven Muse highly endorses Prince on Delaware as a venue to eat out. It is her favorite restaurant when she has a hankering for carribean crabcakes, scallops that make your mouth water, a killer pan seared pear salad with feta cheese and so much more!

Prince has cooked for the late and great Luciano Pavorotti and rock stars such as Cheryl Crow.

He mixes his culniary expertise of the south of America with french cuizine... You will never be disappionted with a meal at Prince on Delaware.

As a bonus the scenery is breath taking if you are one to enjoy the historic districts of the region.




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