What’s In A Logo?

Your logo is probably one of the most important things you will invest into your business. It is the first thing that your customers/clients will see and the last thing they will remember.

For instance; what is the first thing you think of if you close your eyes and say “McDonalds”?  You think of those famous golden arches. They are simple yet known world wide without mistake.  Those golden arches are associated with one brand and one brand only.

The trick to developing a good logo is staying power and it being unique to your business/organization.

Some tips to think about when developing a logo:

  • Keep it simple. You can be unique without using every crayon in the box.
  • Use your name as part of your logo, there is a lot you can do with words and adding a few embellishments to dress it up does wonders without over doing it.
  • Try to stick with no more than two colors. This will help keep your printing costs down.
  • Make sure your design will look good in color as well as in black/white.
  • Have more than one version of your logo. A vertical stacked and horizontal version are good to fit various spaces.

Cheryl created a wonderful card for me. She incorporated my sentiments and images into a vibrant thank you card that really reflects who I am and my style of work. We talked briefly about what I needed, and then she quickly came up with several different options and then worked with me to narrow it down the the final product. She's very efficient and easy to work with, and has an awesome positive vibe.

- Christine Tenenholtz



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