Autism Awareness Puzzle and Ribbon Clip Art

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Welcome to something that is near and dear to my heart. Autism. I have an 18 year old son named Jonathan who was diagnosed with autism in 1995. When I started setting up my first webpage for Jonathan, I could not find any nice looking puzzle piece graphics (the puzzle pattern is used as the autism awareness symbol, since autism is often described as a "puzzling" disorder). Autism is also described as a "spectrum" I felt our kids needed some color in the graphics and sites that represented these special individuals.
Please feel free to help yourself to any of the clip art below. 
These graphics are free as a contribution to the Autism Community. I only ask that you use the logo below somewhere on your site with a direct link back so others may find them. We want to get as many ribbons out there as possible!! 

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The images on these pages are all low res images that are good for web pages. If you are looking for graphics that you can print, please contact me at . Most images I can get to you in 300 dpi of jpg, tif or eps formats. Usually, I can get graphic requests to you within 48 hours... but please be patient as there are times that I am very busy with home and work. 

To save, simply right click with mouse on desired item. 
Click on "save picture as", select directory (usually My Documents) then "save". 

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This is the original Ribbon Graphic, the same one used by NASCAR Drivers Hermie Sadler and Michael Waltrip.

Autism Ribbon      

Variations of same graphic:


Ribbons with Blank Puzzle Pieces....good for personalizing with name.

Real Ribbon Graphics
This one is made from an actual scanned ribbon...sorry- available in low res only.


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Banners with or without "Autism" on it.  I can do custom requests if time permits me.  I will have to reply to you and let you know what my schedule currently is before I can promise a custom banner.

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